Frequently Asked Questions

Before departure

How can I sign up for the Erika coverage?
All EF students and Cultural Care au pairs have the Erika coverage included in the booking. Should you wish to renounce the coverage you need to contact your local EF representative as you would have to show you have alternative insurance coverage.
Do I get a card from Erika to show when I’m abroad?
Yes, standard procedure is that the EF office will send you an Erika card prior to departure.
Can the insurance coverage be extended?
You can extend the Erika coverage period to also include a private stay in conjunction with the program. This option is available up to 10 weeks. Contact your EF representative to add weeks.
What is the Sport Supplement?
In our general conditions, there is an exclusion under the Illness & Accident section that speaks about risky sports that are not covered unless organized by EF or you have the Sport Supplement. By adding this supplement you eliminate this exclusion, and ALL risky sports and activities are covered. Peace of mind for you! See the details under Policies.
In what countries is the Erika coverage valid?
The Erika coverage is valid worldwide.
Can anyone be covered by Erika?
All EF, Hult students and Cultural Care au pairs have the Erika coverage included in their booking when signing up. Someone who is not traveling with EF, Hult or Cultural Care Au Pair cannot be covered by Erika.

While abroad/how to claim

My bag was delayed. Does Erika cover that?
If the bag is delayed more than 24 hours upon arrival to the host country, Erika will cover up to a certain amount for necessities if the airline doesn’t pay anything. For details on how to claim, go to How to claim.
What if I lose my Erika card?
Contact the local EF office or talk to an EF representative in your destination, who can print a new proof of insurance.
Can I go to any doctor when I am abroad?
Outside the US, yes, we cover both public and private care. Just make sure to get a medical report and receipt from the doctor so you can claim for expenses paid up-front.
Can I go to any doctor in the US?
In the US, we encourage you to go to an Aetna network doctor. By doing so, you do not have to pay up-front for the visit. You can find a doctor online at or ask a staff member at your school, a local representative or call Aetna Student Health toll free at +1-800 783 7447.
What is the Aetna ID number?
If you are a student or an au pair in the US and have Erika, you can get your Aetna ID number at Just enter your booking number and date of birth. The Aetna number makes it easier for the Aetna doctor to find you in the system, and the bill will be sent directly to us instead of you having to pay up front. You can also call Aetna Student Health toll free at +1-800 783 7447 to get your Aetna ID number.
Do I need to pay up-front when I go to a doctor?
It depends on where you are, which doctor you go to and your nationality. In the US, you don’t have to pay up-front when using the Aetna network. In other countries, you should always be prepared to pay up-front. For more expensive things like hospitalization, scheduled surgery, physical therapy sessions, etc., always contact our assistance company who can arrange payment. Find the right contact here.
If I want to file a claim, what should I do?
Look at this flyer or go to How to claim for detailed information.
Am I covered when I go on holiday (with my host family or on my own)?
Yes, as long as you are still on the EF program or you have added private extension weeks, you are covered worldwide.
What do I need to show in order to get refund from Erika?
You need to fill out a claim form and attach all relevant documentation, such as medical reports, receipts, police reports, etc. For more information, go to How to claim.
Is medicine covered?
Only medicine prescribed by a doctor is covered. Remember to keep receipts from the pharmacy.
I did not get a police report from the police when reporting the theft; I was only given a crime reference number. Is this enough when sending in a claim for stolen items?
Yes, as long as you have reported it to the police and can provide us with the crime reference number and the name of the police station.
I don’t have the purchase receipt for my camera which was stolen. Can I still send in a claim?
Yes, as long as you send in some other proof of ownership, such as a warranty note.
What kind of bank details do I need to send you in order to be refunded?
We need to know the following: Account holder’s name, the name and address of the bank, the bank account number, the IBAN number and the SWIFT/BIC code. Contact your bank if you don’t have your IBAN number and SWIFT/BIC codes.
How long does it take before I get an answer about the claim that I sent in?
If you have attached all the relevant information to your claim, the handling time is approximately 2-4 weeks.
Why have I not received a refund of the total amount I claimed?
Most likely, we have taken a deductible, which is an amount that you are responsible for, or there was a limit in the policy that made us refund less than you actually claimed for.

After returning home

I finished my EF program 6 months ago. I just realized that I had some receipts for medication that I would like to be refunded for. Is it too late to send in a claim now?
No, it is not too late as you have at least a year to claim.
My child was traveling with EF last year and had Erika. We were impressed by the coverage and the service and would like to get Erika for the entire family when we are off on vacation next month. Is that possible?
We are happy you are pleased with Erika. Unfortunately, our coverage is only available to EF students and Cultural Care au pairs.