Why travel insurance?

Medical coverage

When you’re abroad, things are not like they are at home. The climate and the food can be different, and, although you might think nothing will happen, you can be sick or have an accident. A simple doctor’s visit, which you normally wouldn’t pay a lot for at home, can suddenly cost you $500. It’s always better to be well protected.

As long as you are abroad and on the program, you are covered for any new illness or accident. We cover a doctor’s visit and also medicine the doctor has prescribed. Hospitalization and physical therapy are covered as well. Should you need to be flown home due to a very serious medical condition, we will organize the flight back and pay all costs related to the evacuation. Should you be hospitalized and in a life-threatening condition, we will cover flight and hotel costs for two family members to come stay with you.

We do not differentiate between public or private care. In the US, we have access to one of the largest networks of doctors and hospitals. When visiting a doctor who is part of the Aetna network, you won’t have to pay for the entire visit yourself and then do the paperwork to claim back the cost.

Family emergency - program interruption

Should an immediate family member become critically ill or pass away, there is a possibility that Erika will cover the cost for you to fly home. If you interrupt the program for this reason and don’t go back to your destination, then the unused part of the program fee is also covered.

Some of our policies also refund missed days during the course if you’re sick or have had an accident and can’t go to school. A medical report is required, and you need to have been sick for at least 3 days. Should you miss more than half of the course due to medical reasons, you can get a whole new course. Just book the same type of course again with EF, and we cover the cost.

Theft of personal property

Our policies include coverage in case of theft of or damage to your personal belongings. If you’ve been careful but something is stolen anyway, you can make a claim on your Erika insurance coverage. Just make sure to get a police report and make a list of the stolen items. We cover not only clothes and personal items but also valuable property and cash. If your passport is stolen, Erika will cover the cost to get a new one. Not only do we cover the fee to issue a new one, we also cover your travel costs, such as a taxi ride, a train ticket or a flight, to get to the nearest embassy or consulate.


The most common type of delay we come across is when your baggage is delayed upon arrival. This is covered on the outbound flight, and we cover expenses incurred if your bag is delayed more than 24 hours. There are maximum coverage limits, but the important thing is to keep receipts of clothes and other necessities purchased while waiting for your bag to arrive. You can also claim some costs related to delays due to weather or technical issues.

Liability and legal coverage

Should you happen to damage someone’s property or injure another person and be held liable, you can also file a claim. Depending on the circumstances and how the incident took place, it is possible that we will cover the costs you have paid to a third party. There is also coverage to cover lawyer fees in case you need legal assistance.

Assistance around the clock

Help is never more than a phone call away. We have assistance partners in different locations who are available 24 hours per day, every day of the year.